Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company Ltd. (MOAMC) is a public limited company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 on November 14, 2008, having its Registered Office at 10th Floor, Motilal Oswal Tower, Rahimtullah Sayani Road, Opposite Parel ST Depot, Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400025.
Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company Ltd. has been appointed as the Investment Manager to Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund by the Trustee vide Investment Management Agreement (IMA) dated May 21, 2009, executed between Motilal Oswal Trustee Company Ltd. and Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company Ltd.
Motilal Oswal Dynamic Fund (Div-A) - 12.7297Motilal Oswal Dynamic Fund (Div-Q) - 11.1741Motilal Oswal Dynamic Fund (G) - 13.5329Motilal Oswal Dynamic Fund-Dir (Div-A) - 13.0149Motilal Oswal Dynamic Fund-Dir (Div-Q) - 11.2378Motilal Oswal Dynamic Fund-Dir (G) - 14.1773Motilal Oswal Equity Hybrid Fund - Direct (G) - 12.2413Motilal Oswal Equity Hybrid Fund - Regular (G) - 11.8288Motilal Oswal Focused 25 Fund - Direct (D) - 18.3923Motilal Oswal Focused 25 Fund - Direct (G) - 26.7923Motilal Oswal Focused 25 Fund (D) - 16.6845Motilal Oswal Focused 25 Fund (G) - 24.2137Motilal Oswal Large and Midcap Fund - Dir (D) - 10.177Motilal Oswal Large and Midcap Fund - Dir (G) - 10.177Motilal Oswal Large and Midcap Fund (D) - 9.9924Motilal Oswal Large and Midcap Fund (G) - 9.9923Motilal Oswal Liquid Fund - Direct (Div-D) RI - 10.0077Motilal Oswal Liquid Fund - Direct (Div-F) RI - 10.0089Motilal Oswal Liquid Fund - Direct (Div-M) - 10.0601Motilal Oswal Liquid Fund - Direct (Div-Q) - 10.0333Motilal Oswal Liquid Fund - Direct (Div-W) RI - 10.0104Motilal Oswal Liquid Fund - Direct (G) - 10.9035Motilal Oswal Liquid Fund - Regular (Div-D) RI - 10.0055Motilal Oswal Liquid Fund - Regular (Div-F) RI - 10.0085Motilal Oswal Liquid Fund - Regular (Div-M) - 10.0586Motilal Oswal Liquid Fund - Regular (Div-Q) - 10.0321Motilal Oswal Liquid Fund - Regular (Div-W) RI - 10.0173Motilal Oswal Liquid Fund - Regular (G) - 10.8731Motilal Oswal Long Term Equity Fund (D) - 14.9382Motilal Oswal Long Term Equity Fund (G) - 16.8589Motilal Oswal Long Term Equity Fund -Dir (D) - 16.2357Motilal Oswal Long Term Equity Fund -Dir (G) - 18.2279Motilal Oswal Midcap 30 Fund (D) - 17.8889Motilal Oswal Midcap 30 Fund (G) - 25.0409Motilal Oswal Midcap 30 Fund-Dir (D) - 18.3962Motilal Oswal Midcap 30 Fund-Dir (G) - 27.1943Motilal Oswal Multi Asset Fund - Direct (G) - 10.0957Motilal Oswal Multi Asset Fund (G) - 10.0594Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 Fund (D) - 22.7406Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 Fund (G) - 25.812Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 Fund-Dir(D) - 22.8445Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 Fund-Dir(G) - 27.4664Motilal Oswal Nasdaq 100 FOF - Direct (G) - 17.7724Motilal Oswal Nasdaq 100 FOF - Regular (G) - 17.6366Motilal Oswal Nifty 50 Index Fund - Direct (G) - 9.648Motilal Oswal Nifty 50 Index Fund (G) - 9.615Motilal Oswal Nifty 500 Fund - Direct (G) - 10.8222Motilal Oswal Nifty 500 Fund (G) - 10.7419Motilal Oswal Nifty Bank Index Fund - Direct (G) - 8.7919Motilal Oswal Nifty Bank Index Fund (G) - 8.7272Motilal Oswal Nifty Midcap 150 Index Fund (G) - 11.4322Motilal Oswal Nifty Midcap 150 Index Fund-Dir (G) - 11.5176Motilal Oswal Nifty Next 50 Index Fund - Dir (G) - 9.599Motilal Oswal Nifty Next 50 Index Fund (G) - 9.5462Motilal Oswal Nifty Smallcap 250 Index Fund (G) - 11.0406Motilal Oswal Nifty Smallcap 250 Index Fund-Dir(G) - 11.1236Motilal Oswal S&P 500 Index Fund - Direct (G) - 11.0624Motilal Oswal S&P 500 Index Fund (G) - 11.0232Motilal Oswal Ultra Short Term Fund - Dir (Div-D) - 9.7163Motilal Oswal Ultra Short Term Fund - Dir (Div-F) - 9.7346Motilal Oswal Ultra Short Term Fund - Dir (Div-M) - 9.7232Motilal Oswal Ultra Short Term Fund - Dir (Div-Q) - 9.8629Motilal Oswal Ultra Short Term Fund - Dir (Div-W) - 9.727Motilal Oswal Ultra Short Term Fund - Dir (G) - 13.7671Motilal Oswal Ultra Short Term Fund (Div-D) - 9.7198Motilal Oswal Ultra Short Term Fund (Div-F) - 9.7302Motilal Oswal Ultra Short Term Fund (Div-M) - 9.7202Motilal Oswal Ultra Short Term Fund (Div-Q) - 9.8616Motilal Oswal Ultra Short Term Fund (Div-W) - 9.7232Motilal Oswal Ultra Short Term Fund (G) - 13.3873

Systematic Investment Plan FAQ's

Knowledge CenterInvestment FAQssystematic investment plan
An SIP is a specific amount, invested for a continuous period at regular intervals

It is similar to a regular saving scheme like a recurring deposit.

It allows the investor to buy units as per a predecided frequency; The investor decides the amount and also the scheme / scrip to invest in.

Due to the principle of cost averaging, more number of units are bought in a falling market and fewer units in a rising  market

SIPs allow you to take part in the stock market, without trying to time it, also bringing discipline to your investments.

An SIP means you commit yourself to investing a fixed amount every month. Let’s say it is Rs. 10000/-. When the market price of shares fall, the investor benefits by purchasing more units; and is protected by purchasing less when the price rises. Thus the average cost of units is always closer to the lower end making the investment profitable. An illustration below explain the benefit of an SIP over a lump sum.

SIP - Rupee Cost Averaging

Lump-Sum Investor SIP Investor
Month Unit Price (Rs.) Investment (Rs.) Unit Purchased^ Investment (Rs.) Units Purchased^
1 50 90,000 1800 10,000 200
2 47

10,000 213
3 45

10,000 222
4 44

10,000 227
5 46

10,000 192
6 48

10,000 208
7 49

10,000 204
8 50

10,000 200
9 52

10,000 192
Total Investment Rs.90,000 Rs.90,000
Total Units Purchased 1800 1884
Average Unit Price Rs.50 Rs.48
Value After 9 Months Rs.93,600 Rs.97,987
^Fractional units ignored

Hence, at the end of the period total units purchased will be 1884 & cost per unit will be Rs. 48/-. Thus, the profit from the above investment will amount to Rs. 7,987/- (Rs. 97,987 – Rs. 90,000)

1. Power of saving:

The power of saving underlines the essence of making money work if only invested at an early age. The longer one delays in investing, the greater the financial burden to meet desired goals. Saving a small sum of money regularly at an early age makes money work with significant impact on wealth accumulation explained through the illustration below.


At end of Year 5% 10% 15% 20%

1 Rs.105 Rs.110 Rs.115 Rs.120
5 Rs.128 Rs.161 Rs.201 Rs.249
10 Rs.163 Rs.259 Rs.405 Rs.619
15 Rs.208 Rs.418 Rs.814 Rs.1541
25 Rs.339 Rs.1,083 Rs.3,292 Rs.9,540

2. Rupee Cost Averaging:

Timing the market is a difficult task. Rupee cost averaging is an automatic market-timing mechanism that eliminates the need to time one`s investments. Here, one need not worry about where share prices or interest are headed as investment of a regular sum is done at regular intervals; with fewer units being bought in a declining market and more units in a rising market. Although SIP does not guarantee profit, it can go a long way in minimizing the effects of investing in volatile markets.

3. Convenience:

3 simple paperless steps to invest in an SIP:

  • Register for an SIP online

  • Fill the required details

  • Ensure availability of funds

4. Disciplined Investing:

It’s the key to investing success. Regular investment makes you disciplined in your savings and also leads to wealth accumulation. Systematic investing is a time-tested discipline that makes it easy to invest automatically. Investing regularly in small amounts can often lead to better results than investing in a lump sum.

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